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Nuosen heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, after focusing on hydraulic hammers for over 14 years, has become a leading company in the industry because of the variety and quality of its products, and its market share.

In 2004, Hangzhou Nuosen Machinery Co., Ltd was established, first appeared on the historical stage. The company moved to Jiangsu Binhai industrial park as Nuosen Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd in 2010. There it received greater attention from local government, which placed emphasis on its development. In 2012, the international sales center integrated with elegant Qiantang river views and near the Xiaoshan International Airport and Hangzhou Railway station.

In 2013, the company took over a famous factory, and began exporting products to the overseas market; Nuosen employs a group of high educated engineering technicians with abundant design experience. The company uses precise technology and constantly imports advanced equipment, and has implemented advanced production technology and processes. These have greatly improved production efficiency and serve to guarantee the high quality, high efficiency and durability of the products.

In 2017, a new production center and office building were completed. The production center covers 55000 square meters. Nuosen Machinery received an overall upgrade. The yearly producing reaches 15,000 units, the largest diameter of working tool is 210mm.

Nuosen has continued to win the approval of the ISO900 and CE quality management systems, and is involved in the construction of key national and local projects. The products have been widely recognized by the industry and substantial cooperation has also been conducted with many excavator manufacturers in the OEM market. Besides, we are the exclusive dealer of Chicago Pneumatic(CP) in China in 2014.

Our products include "Hydraulic Pressure+Nitrogen Gas" breakers and spare parts for all the models.

Nuosen strives to enhance the management proficiency of the enterprise, owns 12 branches, more than 200 agents, 8 central warehouses, and its sales net services cover the globe. In America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East… Nuosen can be found everywhere in the world.

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